Today is Tiller Digital’s eighth birthday.

Over the past eight years, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients on three continents who’ve generously shared their stories with us. In return, I wanted to share my own story of how I founded Tiller.

Embracing my calling as a teenage entrepreneur

While I was attending university, I had the chance to spend a summer working in a marketing role at a health benefit firm. It was an agile firm, and my bosses encouraged me to act like an entrepreneur. I quickly developed a passion for marketing.

One day, as I was working on a campaign for an innovative health benefit plan, this question hit me: “Why am I not doing this for a whole bunch of companies?” I knew at that moment I needed to start my own marketing and web development shop.

It just made sense. As a kid, I always loved creating something out of nothing, whether that was a community baseball league or a neighbourhood production of Cinderella. That inclination has only grown in me over time.

Armed with a MacBook Pro and some paperwork, I founded TAC Marketing (we later changed the name to Tiller Digital). I was only 19-years-old and halfway through my business degree. This is a detail I wasn’t always open about. I was nervous about sharing my age, convinced clients would think I was inexperienced. Eight years after starting the company, I’ve slowly come to embrace my story.

Finding and nurturing our tribe

In founding Tiller, I saw an opportunity to create and provide a new kind of web development experience, so I went for it. The barrier to entry for a web design firm is low. But staying competitive is an ongoing challenge. Our focus has shifted over the years to more advanced websites and web-based applications. There is increasing demand in this space, and we know that our ability to meet this demand separates us from those who offer more basic web services.

My team has excelled at offering exceptional service and quality — as well as the most current technology — in an increasingly crowded market.

We’re eight years old because of you

I know firsthand how exciting it is to build a business, and realize dreams and goals. We’re thrilled when our clients share their successes with us, inviting us to their events and fostering long-term relationships. Some of our client engagements span five years. We love that we get to play a small role in your story.

Our long-term engagements help us keep our clients ahead of the game when it comes to web trends and emerging technologies. We’d like to say thank you for your referrals and your support. We’re grateful you’re willing to recommend us and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.