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    Client since: 2016
    Industry: Sport Science

    Avi Silverberg and Mike MacDonald started MyStrengthBook to put the power of metrics-based training at the fingertips of powerlifters. Tracking and analyzing metrics started by wanting to understand their own training in more detail.


    We were hired to help Avi and Mike bring their vision to life. This included everything from branding and a go-to-market strategy, to actually designing and building the web application that is now being used by powerlifters across the globe. Branding was the first critical step in that process.


    We worked closely with Avi and Mike to build a marketing website, with the goal of garnering interest in the software launch. During the 8 months of product development, Avi and Mike did an exceptional job of telling powerlifters about the product. Using the website, we were able to capture the attention of 2,500 powerlifters, all of whom subscribed to receive product updates, blog posts, and information about best testing. At product launch, the website was updated to include additional product and pricing information, as well as the opportunity for a 21-day free trial. Within 24 hours of the product launch, MyStrengthBook hit the 1,000 user mark.


    We have successfully completed both the Alpha and Beta versions of the software and are well on our way to completing the full product version which is set to be released in late September. Take a few minutes to watch the promo video (produced by Joe Stephenson) and stay tuned for the September release. Co-founders Avi and Mike will be offering a
    21-day free trial to anyone that signs up.


    My co-founder and I spent many months meeting with designers and developers to ensure our project was set-up for success. We were extremely tentative with everyone we met with because we lacked experience on the technical side of software development. We searched for collaborators and partners that understood our vision, and at the same time, allowed us to ask all the ‘dumb questions’ around tech. Right from our first meeting with Tiller, we found a team that was passionate about our business and were willing to take the time to educate us on the various components that would lead to success. Importantly, they informed us on aspects of our development that we didn’t previously put thought toward but will have a great impact in the years to come – aspects that are critical to our growth.

    Tiller has worked with us to accomplish both a marketing website and a web application. The marketing website was launched in order to garner initial interest in our software product, as well as capture early users through a sign-up portal. My co-founder and I had a sign-up goal that we wanted to achieve prior to launch, and so far with Tiller’s guidance we have achieved 8 times that original number. As we work toward our web application launch, Tiller has continued to demonstrate a high level of attention to detail with a backend infrastructure that is admittedly complex. What I am most impressed with is their ability to understand our vision, take ownership of our project, work tirelessly to tight deadlines, and merge both seamless design with sophisticated development. Each deliverable that Tiller produces always exceeds our expectation of what we thought was possible. I look forward to continuing to work with Tiller in the months leading up to our software launch!

    Avi Silverberg, Head Coach of Team Canada Powerlifting